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Thomas Headon & Lizzy McAlpine – Bored

The collaboration that my twitter timeline in its entirety has been waiting for, for what feels like eternity, has finally landed, and it’s exactly as anticipated.


Photo credit: Thomas Headon and Lizzy McAlpine ‘Bored’ official single artwork

Ask the teens, who inhabit my Twitter timeline, what their current dream collaboration would be, and they would either state something along the lines of “Harry Styles and Halsey”, or Thomas Headon and Lizzy McAlpine.

And today, their dream was delivered. Not the Harry and Halsey collab, unfortunately (although, come to think of it, that would be pretty powerful), but Thomas and Lizzy dropped their combined effort of a vibey track, Bored.

The song outlines a relationship that is headed in the wrong direction, with both parties contemplating boredom (“I don’t hate the way I’m yours, I’m just bored”).

And, although the relationship within the song is presented as completely out of sync and doomed, Headon’s lower, raspier voice, paired with McAlpine’s higher in pitch, smooth vocals, fit perfectly together, blending seamlessly, and complimenting the other throughout the two minute, thirty-nine catchy, upbeat and at points, playful, tune.

The pair have both explained that Bored was written in Thomas’s bedroom, in London, that he now calls home, after moving from Melbourne, Australia, in 2019, the first time that they met, and in conversation with Dork Magazine about the song writing process of the track, Thomas explained, “I was briefly seeing someone and was saying to her [Lizzy] about how boring it had gotten, we’d have the same conversations over and over again because neither of us really put the effort into learning about each other and the song stemmed from there.

“Lizzy and I recorded it on opposite sides of the globe and spent numerous facetime calls arguing with each other about who would be singing what. I’m pretty sure we got it in the end though!”

The track comes after Headon announced his new, rescheduled tour dates for November and December 2021, with some added shows in Brighton, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Liverpool and Sheffield, set for general sale Wednesday 31st March.



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