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DYLAN - No Romeo

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, DYLAN is here with massive pop banger, No Romeo, to put all of us spending it alone out of our misery with her words of wisdom (and it's going to be stuck in your head for the foreseeable!)

If, like me, you saw Thomas Headon live on tour at the end of last year, you’re probably now massively obsessed with everything DYLAN does (I mean, it’s hard not to be - the hype she got on that tour, paired with her electric stage presence, paired with her crowd interactions, genuinely made me forget that I was watching a support slot and not her own headline gig). Or maybe you follow DYLAN on social media and have been patiently awaiting new music (in which case, you’re probably having an incredible day today; I know I am!)

Or maybe you’ve never heard of DYLAN before and therefore are not yet aware of the significance that the utter bop and a half, No Romeo, holds. Although, I’m not sure how you’ve been living without DYLAN’s euphoric pop tunes in your ears, and sincerely hope you carry on reading, then go on to obsess over all things DYLAN with the rest of us!

Today (11/02/22), DYLAN has dropped the follow up single to the brutally accurate You’re Not Harry Styles, and honestly, I don’t think No Romeo could have come at a better time, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up on Monday!

Explaining in her email to those who pre-saved the track, DYLAN says that she “originally wrote this song for [her] best mate because her boyfriend wasn’t being very good to her, however they are both now very happy and as it turns out [she] needed the song a lot more than [her friend] did!”

Like its predecessor, No Romeo is not only a massive bop with its incredibly catchy hooks and feel-good pop vibes, but it’s also a strong, strong contender for the anti-Valentine’s day, empowering anthem of your dreams!

And if the crowd’s reaction to No Romeo live on ‘Thomas Tour’ is anything to go by, when DYLAN goes out on her headline show, starting in a couple of weeks, she better be prepared for the volume of the lyrics being thrown back at her because it’s going to be LOUD!

The release of the new track was also accompanied by an incredible music video, in which we see DYLAN get a little group together to save others from their respective “No Romeos”, and you can watch it here:

DYLAN’s new track, No Romeo, is available on all streaming platforms now!

She is also heading out on a three date mini-tour starting in Manchester on 20th February, and drawing to close on 23rd February in Bristol. Unfortunately, these shows have completely sold out (absolutely no surprises there!), however, some of the ticket websites have the option to join a waiting list, should any be made available, and you can sign up through the dates listed here.



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