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Inhaler - These Are The Days

From ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ to ‘I think we’re gonna be okay’: we have officially entered the new era of Inhaler, and it’s more optimistic than ever before…


Photo credit: Lewis Evans (@lewsvans)

Inhaler are back with the first taster of new music following the success of chart topping debut album, It Won’t Always Be Like This.

Released on Tuesday night (07/06/22), after cryptic instagram posts of polaroids depicting members of the band in the studio helped to build up hype before the revealing of a snippet of the new song, These Are The Days is guaranteed to be your 2022 summer anthem.

The track opens with a real genre-defying instrumental; with heavily distorted guitars, a thick, resonant bass line and a twinkling 80s-induced synth, before Hewson’s vocals are introduced, straightaway reinforcing the main themes of the lyrics through the hint of nostalgia and reminiscence for the passing moment in his tones.

In comparison to IWABLT’s singles and album tracks, lyrically These Are The Days sounds much more introspective and self-aware, with verses that tell a story, before bursting into the massive, anthemic and incredibly euphoric chorus ‘these are the days that follow you home/these are the days that kiss you on your broken nose.’

The song builds through a fast-paced, mosh-pit inducing drumming segment in preparation for the bridge; the section of a song in which you can count Inhaler to always deliver on. ‘I think we’re gonna be ok’ are the final lyrics before the deliverance of one final chorus, leading up to the track’s optimistic close, anaphoric to the final line of the bridge - a lyric that is sure to become a fan-favourite.

It feels as though we’ve come full circle - from ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’, to ‘I think we’re gonna be ok’, it’s hopeful, it’s an all round banger, but most importantly, Inhaler are back!

These Are The Days is the perfect summer anthem that will leave you feeling nostalgic for the good times and appreciate every memory that ensures you won't “miss the feeling of being alone”. It’s definitely one to thrive in the large crowds.

And speaking of crowds, you can catch Inhaler on tour this summer, as they head out to festivals around the country. The summer also sees the Dublin quartet embarking on support tours with the likes of Noel Gallagher and Kings Of Leon, as well as a support slot with Arctic Monkeys across Mainland Europe. You can check out the dates below:


11th – Summer Sessions, Dundee, Scotland (Noel Gallagher Support)

13th – Arena, Birmingham (Kings Of Leon Support)

22nd – Cambridge Junction, England

24th – Glastonbury Festival, England

26th – The SSE Arena, Belfast (Kings Of Leon Support)


5th – AO Arena, Manchester (Kings Of Leon Support)

23rd – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield, England

24th – Truck Festival, Oxfordshire, England


27th – Victorious Festival, Portsmouth, England

Inhaler’s new single, These Are The Days, is out now and you can listen to it here:



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