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Inhaler - Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)

The indie pop quartet have released the next taster of their upcoming debut album, ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’, set for release on 16th July via Polydor Records.


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Last night (06/05/21), Dublin based band, Inhaler, stirred their swarm of adoring fans into a frenzy, as without warning, they announced across their social media platforms that the next single, from their upcoming LP, was set to be dropped at midnight.

This track in question is the upbeat, 80s style Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House), which unlike some tracks set to feature on their full-length debut, ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’, had never been heard before.

Clocking in at just under six and a half minutes, this funky opens with a resonant bassline, before the drums kick in, and frontman, Elijah Hewson, delivers his vocals, in a similar tone to Geordie singer-songwriter, Sam Fender’s.

Approximately half way through the track, the euphoric vibes , Who’s Your Money On? begin to subside and disappear, with help of the more mellow lyrics, “Without you the odds are not in my favour”, before perfectly transitioning into the waltz of Plastic House, offering a tenderer moment.

Whilst these two songs (the track is technically two songs for the price of one – Plastic House first made its debut on the band’s 2019 tour, but as a stand-alone track, before being reworked and flawlessly paired with the anthemic, Who’s Your Money On, with some new lyrics, and even more magic, courtesy of producer, Antony Genn) are quite the contrast in regards to their sound (a skill that the indie quartet can proudly boast), they are definitely not conflicting, but rather, complement each other, proving Inhaler to be one of the most exciting newcomers on the indie pop scene.

‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ is set for release on 16th July, via Polydor Records.

The band have also just announced a run of dates for autumn 2021, In the UK and Ireland, beginning in Sheffield, and rounding off in Dublin - you can grab your tickets here.



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