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Zuzu – My Old Life

Liverpool singer-songwriter, Zuzu, has just dropped her new single, My Old Life, and unveiled details of her upcoming debut album.


Photo Credit: Robin Clewley

Highly rated rising-star, Zuzu, has released her uplifting and cathartic new single, My Old Life, and announced it to be the next instalment to her anticipated upcoming debut.

With its primarily acoustic sound, My Old Life takes a slightly different musical direction in comparison to Zuzu’s previous works, offering up more of a heartfelt and emotive moment. The lyrics are also incredibly poignant and seem to be really honest, presenting a vivid representation of the feelings of cutting out the toxic people in your life and embracing yourself. The song has been so well written and appears to be really passionate, yet has a desperately dramatic element to it, proving Zuzu to have really matured in her song writing.

The notably catchy number sounds unapologetically Zuzu as she doesn’t even try to hide her resonant Liverpool accent, instead embracing it and making it her signature sound. This is something really refreshing to hear in indie music, showing how Zuzu is not trying to be anyone else or follow what everyone else in the industry is doing.

My Old Life also feels incredibly freeing, especially on the anthemic chorus where she sings, “So I drove my car to the end of the Mersey, I threw my phone saying you don’t deserve me, On yet another starless night, Kiss goodbye to my old life.”

Speaking about the track following its announcement, she explained, “This last 18 months have brought about some of the biggest changes in my life. I’ve had to learn how to set boundaries. Learn how to walk away from people and how to let people walk away from me. This song is about a particular period I had to dig really deep to find enough self-worth to move on from an emotionally exhausting situation that - at the time - felt like the end of the world. It’s about pushing through those dark times and coming out stronger and wiser. Writing ‘My Old Life’ really helped me to shake off all of the toxic energy I was holding onto and truly let go.”

Alongside the release of her new single, Zuzu has also provided us with all the details of her upcoming debut album, Queensway Tunnel, set for release on 12th November. You can pre-order a copy of her album here.



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