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Ten Tonnes – So Long EP

Ethan Barnett, better known by his stage name, Ten Tonnes, is back with his new EP, So Long, following the release of his promising self-titled debut back in 2019



Photo: Ten Tonnes - 'So Long' EP official artwork

Things are beginning to look up. The days are getting longer, the sun is (destination dependent) shining and Ten Tonnes is back with his follow up EP, So Long, since his 2019 banger of a self-titled debut album.

The four-track ensemble is a collection of back-to-back feel-good anthems, and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time, as it is clearly a summer, sunshine and live music orientated effort.

Opening with Everything You’ve Got, the final taster of the upcoming release from Hertfordshire singer-songwriter, Ethan Barnett, the vibe and aesthetic that this new era of music is taking on is very obvious from the beginning. With its retro feel and very resonant 80s sound, this is Ethan’s nod to the indie records that have helped him to establish his recognisable sound.

Go is a proper classic indie tune with a guitar riff so incredibly catchy, it’s the type that implores for the crowd to sing along to, whilst waiting for the vocals to weigh in during a live gig (think those videos of Arctic Monkeys at TRNSMT 2018, when the crowd chanted along with every single guitar riff. THAT).

In contrast to the previous two tracks, but not so much that it feels out of place, is Forget It, a track that offers up a softer, acoustic led moment. Despite Ten Tonnes’ main reputation (and discography) on the indie alternative scene largely being for his big, anthemic bangers, “Forget It” will still sound absolutely incredible, and have such a special role on the setlist because it is the kind of arms around the person next to you, swaying and reminiscing tune that sticks with you for a long, long time due to how sentimental, inclusive and embracing the experience of the just over two minutes feel when you experience them in a live setting.

Rounding off the twelve-minute EP is the lead single, Girl Are You Lonely Like Me?, released in November last year, after a drought of new Ten Tonnes material, which can only be described as the kind of song that will be constantly stuck on replay in your head because of its hooks upon hooks upon hooks, however, it’s such a good tune, that you just can’t be mad about it.

So Long is the perfect addition to your summer days, with its uplifting vibrations and sharp, bright and euphoric tracks. Let’s just hope that we can add a summer full of festivals and good weather to the mix, as the summer anthems are already here, courtesy of Ten Tonnes.

So Long is out now via Silver Heat Records.



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