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Ten Tonnes – Everything You Got

Ethan is back with the upbeat indie anthems, just in time for the emergence of better weather


Photo credit: Paint Studios

If there’s one thing that you can count on 24 year-old singer-songwriter, Ethan Barnett, better known by his stage name Ten Tonnes, for, it’s to bring the good vibes and the big, anthemic indie tunes that you can blast, cider in hand, with your mates, on a sunny afternoon.

And with newest track, Everything You Got, he has once again delivered, leaving us all wondering, “Is it possible for this man to produce a bad song?” Well, the answer to that is no, he is seemingly incapable of releasing a faulty tune.

In true Ten Tonnes style, Everything You Got features a catchy chorus, big guitars, and hooks upon hooks upon hooks, making a track destined for the crowds, once UK lockdown restrictions allow.

During a slower moment on the middle 8, Barnett sings, “I know you love to dance, so let’s go dance”, and here, it becomes crystal clear how good this track will sound on the main stage of a festival this summer, surrounded by hundreds of feel-good indie loving crowd members, all chanting these lyrics. It’s just a real, feel-good festival tune that seriously highlights how far Ten Tonnes has come along with his song-writing and showcasing his ability to produce such bops.

And expect to hear much more from Ethan very, very soon, as Everything You Got has been announced as the lead single of upcoming EP, set for release this Summer, under ‘Silver Heat Records’

So, if we were to take one thing from Everything You Got, it’s that better times are coming, and very soon, we’ll return to the live music scene, and get to scream the lyrics making up the track word-for-word, once more.

But until then, streaming Ten Tonnes’ new track on a loop, in the garden with 6 mates, whilst imagining the scenes that it will lead to later this summer, will have to do.



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