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In Photos: Overpass

Heartbreakers, Southampton - 24/11/2022

With their infectious indie rock tunes and onstage energy, Overpass are on course to becoming your new favourite band. I first heard Stop The Clock at the start of 2022 and have become hooked ever since. So when the band embarked on their autumn UK tour last year, where they stopped off at Southampton's Heartbreakers (a venue I'd been meaning to visit for years), I booked my ticket and headed to the venue on a November Thursday night alongside my camera and my best friend who was then converted to a huge Overpass fan. This is what it looked like...

Overpass will be heading out on the road for 2023's festival season. You can find the full list of appearances and book your tickets here.

Where to find Overpass:


Twitter: @overpass_band





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