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In Photos: CARSICK

Brown Street, Salisbury - 04/03/2023

'Local legends' CARSICK made their return to their hometown of Salisbury to play a rowdy, sweaty gig at Brown Street on 4th February. The show marked the beginning of the band's biggest UK tour so far, warming up for all yet to come.

I caught up with the band prior to the show to have a chat about the story of the band so far, as well as their future touring plans and getting signed to Alcopop! (an achievement they described as 'a childhood dream'. You can read the full interview here.

Later that evening, I headed back into town to watch their show, armed with my camera and two SD cards, one of which corrupted half-way through the gig. Having since recovered the initially lost photos (after accepting I probably would never see the finished results), here are my snaps from down the front for your viewing pleasure...

CARSICK are heading out on the road for their biggest ever UK tour later in the year. The full list of shows and where you can secure your tickets can be found here.

The band are also releasing their debut EP, Drunk Hymns, on 30th June 2023 via Alcopop! The EP is available to preorder on limited edition 'Salisbury orange' vinyl here.


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