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In Photos: Ten Tonnes

The Exchange, Bristol - 14/09/2023

One of the first gigs that definitively made me fall in love with live music was Ten Tonnes' headline show at Thekla in early 2019. Myself and my best friend have been fans of his since we were fourteen and Ethan’s songs have been the soundtrack to some of the most important years of our lives. After four years without being down the front at one of his shows, on Thursday night we headed to The Exchange to see him again, and it felt as exhilarating as it did the first time around. I hope that despite all the changes I'm experiencing as an adult, my love for Ten Tonnes shows will always remain a constant. My camera accompanied me to the show as always, so this is what it looked like to feel fourteen again...

Ten Tonnes' new album, Dancing, Alone, is out now.

Read the full review of the night here.

Where to find Ten Tonnes:

Instagram: @ten_tonnes

Twitter: @ten_tonnes

TikTok: @ten_tonnes

Facebook: TenTonnesMusic

Spotify: Ten Tonnes



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