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Cade Hoppe – Hurts

Look no further! Your new favourite indie pop artist, Cade Hoppe, is back with his catchy new banger, Hurts!


Last year, 22-year-old, emerging indie-pop artist, hailing from Sacramento, CA, Cade Hoppe, released his debut EP, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It’, a five- track indie-pop collection exploring love and the loss that can come with it.

Now, he’s returning with new single, Hurts, which drops today (21/01/22).

The incredibly catchy track, made up of a steady, pulsating beat, the catchy twang of an electric guitar and Hoppe’s signature, warm baritone vocals, is written as a confession, coming from someone who has recently left a long-term relationship (“I never really liked the smell of your perfume / Until I left you and I suddenly had to”) and is struggling with the absence in their life, left by their significant other.

In a Press Release, Hoppe explains that the track is about “experiencing that strange post-relationship purgatory for the first time and realising that anyone you love is going to hurt or lose, whether you were both meant to be or not. The thesis of this song is: ‘It’s not easy losing somebody, it always hurts.’ I think we all have to learn that lesson at some point in our lives and this song is about when I learned it for myself.”

‘Hurts’ deals with a difficult topic, delivering a heart-wrenching observation of heart-break and moving on, however, sonically, it sounds positive and upbeat, thanks to its energetic elements and danceability. Essentially, ‘Hurts’ sounds like if Chris Martin of Coldplay produced a record for LA based band, LANY (especially as Hoppe’s vocal tone and lyricism strongly echoes that of Paul Klein), and already sounds like a track that should be on heavy-rotation on mainstream radio stations.

Photo Credit: Carina Allen (@rlyblonde)

Cade Hoppe’s new single, ‘Hurts’ is out now, and you can listen to it on all streaming platforms.

You can find Cade on:


Instagram: @cade.hoppe






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